The boundaries are porous between the energy of rock and the romanticism of words. It is undoubtedly on this association that Aucklane forged her personality, steeped in contradictions, between the power of her riffs and the sweetness of her voice. This voice, always on the verge of imploding while always dignified, caresses us with its deceptively casual, disillusioned or melancholy, sensual, and magnetic tone, ready to lay down its secrets right from the tip of her lips to our ears.



Aucklane's music has its roots in English and American pop, folk, and rock inspired by artists from the 60's-70's and their heirs from the years 2000-2010 : rebels and poets, like the Sonics, the Kinks or Patti Smith, like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Last Shaddow Puppets or Jack White to name a few.



With "Gamblers", a promising debut single, the band did not fail to attract attention :

"Aucklane, the new Belgian rock sensation to discover absolutely" headlines RTBF’s Radio JAM.

Big crush for the very young group Aucklane : a single piece was enough for the Liège artist Charlotte Maquet to convince us that her new project deserves to be followed closely», writes the national magazine Focus Vif.

The second part of the story opens with Shattered, an evolutionary and surprising title, opening with a sweet melancholy before giving way to an implosion of instrumental guitars.

The first EP, "The Black Years", is scheduled for this winter.



Aucklane is the new solo project of Charlotte Maquet, songwriter and performer from Liège Belgium. Not totally a stranger to the Belgian music scene, she also plays keys for Condore, the side project of Leticia Collet (Dan San, Noa Moon) and led in the early 2010’s the folk duo Monday Morning alongside Julien Mouton.

These two experiences have enabled, nurtured and encouraged the progressive birth of Aucklane, a personal and intense project that she continues to elaborate meticulously, both in terms of writing, composition, sounds and arrangements.