Among the latest recruits of the new Belgian alternative and independent scene, Aucklane distills the fragrance of a dark, elegant and sensual rock.

Noticed from her first single (« Gamblers », 2020), she unveiled last April a promising first EP entitled « Nightfall » : an incandescent female project carried by a magnetic, falsely casual and gently rebellious voice… to be discovered without delay. 

<< Raise your head,

here’s the perfect soundtrack

for walking down

the street as if

you owned the world. >>


Recorded with producer Remi Gettliffe (who is behind the albums of French band Last Train), Nightfall owes its warm sound to the analogue recording and the choice of vintage instruments at White Bat Recorders, a retro-futuristic studio nestled in the heart of Alsace. 


Influenced by the work of artists such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Alex Turner or Jack White, Aucklane has breathed into the rock of the last 15 years a wind of modernity and femininity. A powerful rhythm section, all guitars in front and careful songwriting: on record as on stage, Aucklane unfolds an intense, chiselled universe, full of nuances and ambivalences, just like this poetic and poisonous character.


The result of tormented insomnia and noctambulism, between introspective ramblings and anonymous missives, Aucklane delivers a romantic tale and invites us to a cathartic exploration of the city and the night, of love and addictions, of the return to dawn, of the dizzying attraction of the abyss.

Aucklane is the alter ego of Liège-based singer-songwriter Charlotte Maquet (already seen in Monday Morning and on the keyboards of Condore), whose first solo project is Aucklane.

The name Aucklane also refers to the group of musicians who accompany her on stage and in the studio: Sébastien Beaumont (guitar), Louan Kempenaers (bass) and Thibault Jungers (drums). 


At the end of 2023, Aucklane focused on finalising the writing of his first album.


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